Double the blessing of your Zakat

Through giving to Al-Quds, you will receive the blessing of the holy place and the blessing of Zakat Al-Fter.


eight of Zakat

yields mostly

in Al-Quds


hasten the zakat

It is necessary and important

It is permissible to hasten the zakat according to Sharia. The Prophet, peace be upon him, authorized Abbas to expedite zakat. According to Ali, the Prophet, peace be upon him, said to Umar: “We took al-Abbas’s zakat in the first year of the year.” Most of the scholars agreed that it is permissible to accelerate the zakat from one month to more than two years.

due to the occupation measures and the complications of the epidemic that has paralyzed the entire city, so meeting the needs of Al-Quds families becomes a necessity dictated by duty.

Poverty rate before Corona is 80% Unemployment rate before Corona is 31%

The need for zakat

among the poor and needy in Al-Quds

may be greater than the need of



It is necessary"

"to donate to Al-Quds

Mufti Al-Aqsa

Sheikh Ikrimah Sabri, Mufti of Al-Aqsa Mosque, issued a fatwa on the necessity of expediting zakat for Al-Quds people and the Old City due to the urgent need that has befallen the poor and needy because of the epidemic and the suffering of the city for more than 7 decades.

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