The holy month of Ramadan returns to al-Quds two years after the spread of the Corona virus, during which the people of al-Quds suffered twice as much. As an entire city, Al-Quds and its Old City were among the most closed-off places in the world, whether for health reasons or otherwise, in order that the Al-Quds people could face the pandemic, Ummet Waqf helped al-Quds and its people through three Ramadan campaigns last three years, and now, with the difficult economic situation, we are launching the forth campaign to relief al-Quds and to involve the whole nation in helping to preserve the city and support the steadfastness of its people.

Through our Relief Al-Quds campaign during the holy month, let's strengthen their steadfastness

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Relief AlQuds 4 conference 2022




Houses renovation for people of Al-Quds
Continue supporting the project during the holy month Ramadan Houses of the Old City in Al-Quds are suffering from deterioration of its residential and living environment, in addition to old construction and a lack of basic necessities for a safe and healthy life. More than 1,800 property units in the Old City require urgent restoration. The restoration and rehabilitation of these properties will make them inhabitable and safe for the People of Jerusalem, provide them with some comfort and enhance their steadfastness to preserve the city's heritage and history. Renovations include engineering and electrical support, mechanical work, plumbing, health related repercussions, and other related efforts. Each renovated home project serves to alleviate the old town’s need for rejuvenating its infrastructure. The cost of a single reconstruction project carries a financial cost of $20,800 and this includes renovation work and remodeling of the home to be suitable for housing and secure the appropriate life conditions. The implementation of the project takes place in a number of stages to measure performance: The stage of conducting a study on the condition of the house and the basic necessities. Collaborating with a contractor to start the early stages of renovation.  The rental of an apartment for the residents of the apartment undergoing renovation to stay in until the restoration phase is completed. Beginning of the restoration phase as needed.  Handing over the property to the residents to restore livelihood in it.  Documentation of project phases.
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