RASHIDUN mosque (Waqf)

Jerusalem's second largest mosque

Our Prophet (MPBUH) Said: “Whoever builds a mosque (Masjid) for the sake of Allah, Allah will build for his house (Palace) in Paradise

Do you want to help build a secound largest Mosque in Jerusalem near Al-Aqsa Mosque and in Al-Quds City?

As a continuous charity (sadaqah jariah), this project would be your donation for life.

Some Elements Of The Mosque:

  • Ground floor will have the management office of the mosque, water well, wudu area and gents’ toilets.
  •  Second floor will include a Quran centre, ladies prayer hall and ladies’ wudu area.
  • Third floor will be the main prayer hall for men with the main dome above.
  • Fourth floor (partial floor around the entire building) is a multiple activities hall such as lectures, Quran halls and praying area.
  • The total purchased area of the land is 3000 m² (square metre). From this, 2000 m² will be used to build the Mosque and the rest of the land will be used for other general functions for the local community, such as car parking, extra outdoor prayer space and general celebrations.         
  • The complex will contribute greatly to the area , Serving more than 100,000 people located near Al-Aqsa Mosque. 
STANDARD Waqf Share £100 €115 $130
BRONZE Waqf Share  £200 €230   $260
SILVER Waqf Share £300 €345 $400
DIAMOND Waqf Share £500 €575 $650
GOLDEN Waqf Share £1000 €1150 $1300
PLATINUM Package £2100 €2650 $3000


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