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Grounds for the Project

Every year in the Levant, harsh and severe cold comes along with winter.Winter is loaded with financial burdens, health problems and high and frequent expenses of the growing restrictions policies

Jerusalem is home to more than 80,000 families, most of whom are below the poverty line. It is hoped that through the restriction policies they will be forced to leave their land and give up the sanctities of one and a half billion Muslims. It's a glimmer of light in the darkness. for the neediest people of Jerusalem, this campaign may be the only beacon of hope for a better life during the winter season. 

Al Qabas (Torch) in our campaign 

The best thing that will happen to them during the winter period, a warm torch that protects them from the cold of winter, and a light source that gives them hope, telling them that their brothers are still with them in preserving their city.