The infrastructure of the classrooms

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The number of Palestinian schools in Jerusalem is limited in number, building new schools is almost impossible due to a shortage of building lots destined for public buildings in Jerusalem.

Also renovations are challenging due to the long and often complicated procedures to obtain building permits. Therefore, classes are generally packed and not adapted to the needs of the pupils, which leads to an environment lacking decent learning conditions. Many schools fall short of electricity standards, decent sanitation, heating in winter or air-conditioning against the summer heat.

The lack of classrooms results in overcrowded classes. In some schools it is not possible for the students to be seated all at the same time.

The precarious schooling conditions give rise to an increased school dropout rate, especially in secondary education where more than 5000 students fall outside the schooling system. At present, 36% of the children in Jerusalem don’t finish school.

In order to solve this problematic situation, the town now rents several buildings. Due to the shaky financial situation of most schools in Jerusalem, they are not capable of paying the rental fees themselves. Moreover, the rented apartments that are redecorated as classrooms are often not adapted to their new function.Many others are
in need of small improvements, such as upgrading the electricity and sanitation.

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