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A forth issue is the battle for the choice of the curriculum. There are three different types of curricula that are used alongside each other in Jerusalem. Not only the Palestinian curriculum, but also the governmental curriculum and a censured version of the Palestinian curriculum circulate and are used.  Which is the government puts a large pressure on the Palestinian schools to no longer use the uncensored version of the Palestinian textbooks and curriculum. These would, according to them, incite hatred and violence.

Schools that refuse to use either the government curriculum or the censured Palestinian curriculum, risk losing their subsidies. Due to budgetary reasons, many private schools have already adopted the use of the other curriculum.

To address this situation, the Palestinian authorities call upon the schools to look for support in the local community and to decently inform the parents about the consequences of the different curricula for the education of their kids. 

Ummet Waqf is working hard to overcome this harsh situations.

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