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Islam singled out the teacher with special care, different from all other groups, so it made his position one of the positions of knowledge and urged him to take care of it.

 In Holy Quran Almighty Allah says: “Allah elevates to high positions those from amongst you who are faithful and those who have acquired knowledge”.

(Quran, 58:11)

People of alQuds are facing problem in  the lack of qualified teachers. Especially for exact sciences, technology, and English a shortage exists. There are multiple causes for this lack of teachers.

First of all, for the inhabitants of the West Bank, it is a challenge to commute to Jerusalem.


In order to work in Jerusalem, they are obliged to ask for a permit to enter Jerusalem. However, many permits are refused.


They are not allowed either to move closer to work, as they are only authorized to travel to Jerusalem for work, but in the evenings they have to return to the West Bank.


Staying overnight in Jerusalem is prohibited for them.


Furthermore, life in Jerusalem is a lot more expensive than elsewhere in the West Bank, which decreases the actual value of their salary.


This is partly compensated by an extra “Jerusalem-bonus” for teachers working in East-Jerusalem.


Unfortunately, this bonus is not high enough to fully compensate the additional costs of the transport, the extra cost of living and the time that is lost while commuting.


A third reason for the shortage of teachers is linked with the recognition of the Al Quds university. The Al Quds university is the most important university for Palestinians in Jerusalem, but its degrees are not recognised. Therefore, the alumni of, among others, the teacher training have major issues finding a job. 

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