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1000 students in Al-Quds are in need for you supoort!

DONATE NOW and give a child to have a better future .

- Monthly scholarship for a student = 160 $

- Yearly  scholarship for a student = 2000 $


Many of Al-Quds families we serve cannot afford school supplies, which can leave students unprepared and insecure ,

With your help, we can make sure that every child we serve is set up for success! 1 backpack= 50 $.


University students in Al Quds are in critical need of additional grant aid to pay for college.

- Monthly scholarship for a student = 330 $

- Yearly scholarship for a student  = 4000 $



  Support Al-Quds students through our Educational campaign.

Giving them a greater belief in their abilities and the inspiration to turn dreams into realities. 


Yearly scholarship

Monthly scholarship
Support one school student 2000 $  160 $ 
Support one university student 4000 $  330 $
Backpack with school supplies 50 $ 
one student package 150 $


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