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1000 students in Al-Quds are in need for your supoort!

DONATE NOW and give an orphan child to have a better future .

- Monthly scholarship for a student =  200 $

- Yearly  scholarship for a student = 4000 $


Students in Alquds city follow classes in one of the two container classes that are added on the roof of the old building.

They don’t have a playground so, in between the classes, they play on the street.

Also heating or air-conditioning are lacking in the building. During wintertime they follow classes with their jackets on, and when they start being cold, they go outside for a while, to jump up and down. When they are warmed up again, they return to the classroom.


85.000 children going to school in Jerusalem. Due to the circumstances and the unclear statute of the city, the more or less 200 schools in the East have large educational needs that causes huge problems in the educational system in East Jerusalem.

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