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Houses of the Old City in Al-Quds are suffering from deterioration of its residential and living environment, in addition to old construction and a lack of basic necessities for a safe and healthy life.

More than 1,800 property units in the Old City require urgent restoration.

As a result of the restoration and rehabilitation of these properties, Our people of Al-Quds will be able to enjoy safe and habitable environments while preserving the city's history and heritage.

Accordingly, the financial cost of One house in Ummet Waqf renovation project is associated with $20,800, which includes renovation work and remodeling to make the house suitable for housing and conducive to living.


Expected results of the home renovation project:

-Regardless of where you are, you are showing them your solidarity (No matter where you are, join them in solidarity)

- ensuring their steadiness in the holy Al-Quds.

-Renovating and maintaining 20 damaged houses so that around 236 people will benefit.

-Making it easier for those affected.

-Providing psychological stability for the targeted families.

-Renovating each home contributes to the rejuvenation of the infrastructure in the old town.


Implementation of the project takes place in a number of stages to measure performance:

-Conducting a preliminary study to evaluate the condition of the house and to determine what is needed for the house.

- Collaborating with the contractor to start the early stages of renovation.

-Residents of the apartment undergoing renovation will be able to rent an apartment to remain in while the renovations are going on and until the restoration is complete.

-Restoration phase starts as required.

-Returning a property's livelihood to its residents.

-Documenting project phases.

-There is also huge engineering and electrical support, mechanical work, plumbing, health-related consequences, and other related efforts.


Unfortunately, this blessed sanctuary is badly controlled but more, they dishonor the sanctity of the blessed city. 

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