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Education is vital in helping to break the cycle of poverty that affects so many people around Al-Quds. But sadly, education is still one of the most underfunded segments of humanitarian aid – but we aspire to change that.

At Ummet Waqf we build & renovate schools in remote or poverty-stricken areas around Al-Quds and have provided access to education and essential nourishment for over 1,600 students.

Helping to fund the construction of a school is a rewarding act of Sadaqah Jariyah. Every child who is able to attend school and receive an education will have an opportunity to forge a brighter future. This will lead to increased reward for the donor, multiplied long after the school has been built. The school renovation projects we carry out will create nicer classroom spaces for existing pupils while also expanding the school’s capacity to enable more children to attend in the future. 

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