The third year of the celebration of Ummet Waqf brought greater joy with the results achieved in Al Quds. Our projects have benefitted 10% of Al-Quds.

In these difficult times of the Ummah, the Waqf has left its third year behind them. Ümmet Vakfı has managed to see the Al-Aksa case as a major issue for the Ummah.

The last three years have been a period in which the Ummah has made full use of the contributions made from different regions. It has been a period which brought hope and joy.

The Turkish Waqf has brought income from nine separate projects in Istanbul. These projects have played a big role in supporting our ongoing programs in Al Quds. The most important ones being Masjid al-Aqsa, education, economy, social and health programs.

Ümmet Vakfı is an independent Turkish Waqf established in 21/11/2016 in Turkey. Our main priority is to support the running of projects that aid Al-Quds and Masjid Al-Aksa.