Ummet Vakfı had the honour and pleasure in holding a joint conference with Islamic International Institute of Islamic Waqf at their headquarters in Fatih. 

The aim of the conference was to agree upon a project, which will be presented for the conference in May where the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will support.

Spokesmen for IIIW Dr.Sami AlSalahat spoke of how their waqf is collaborating with Islamic Development Bank and the administration for waqf’s in Turkey.

Dr.Samir stated the importance of been united and working towards progress.

The board of director’s president Mustafa Nizar Demirci said “It brings us great joy to have everyone of you in one room”, he also added  this year will be Al-Quds year.

Over 25 waqf’s and Institutes from Turkey attended the conference, amongst the names was well established organisation such as: IDSB, Mirasimiz, Erbakan Vakfi and many more.

The conference turned out a success has IDSB, Mirasımız, Kandil, Mediniyet, Asyaad, Genç Aktivistler and Ümmet Vakfı came together and created a committee for the conference for in May.