The event was hosted by Erbakan Vakfi in preparation for their upcoming event on March 4 in Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall. The event took place at the Mercure Hotel in Istanbul.

Board of Trustee Chairman Muhammet Elomari and Internal Relations Officer Niyat from Ummet Vakfı attended the event. Niyat  was given the honour of speaking about Ummet Vakfi he said “I would like to firstly thank Erbakan Vakfi for organising a lovely evening, we at Ummet Vakfi serve Al-Quds and Mescid Al-Aksa, we hope all of our efforts will be rewarded with success”.

Chairman Hüseyin Terzi for Erbakan Vakfı spoke of how important Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan was in the Turkish political history. He then went on to say the influence and inspiration he gave to the people.

The meeting was attended by Kamil Arslan Chairman for Asyaad, Erkan Helvaci Chairman for Genç Aktivistler Derneği,Kadir Murat Öztürk General Coordinator and many other guests.