Last update Oct 23, 2018

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Waqf Al-Ummah works on serving Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Al-Aqsa Mosque through a number of programs and projects which contribute in the preservation of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the support of people of Alquds

Educational Sector Programs

This sector is considered one of the first sectors which the occupation projects work on in order to change the identity of the people of Al-Quds and make them accept the occupation and adapt to the current status. The municipality of the occupation begins to take over of the education in Al-Quds by providing offers to private schools that state giving an annual support in return for teaching the Jewish history. Therefore, the occupation forces have taken over of 60% of the education. Our projects work to support schools and the other educational institutions in Al-Quds in order to protect them from this kind of offers.

Economic Sector Programs

As Al-Quds is directly affected by the economy of the occupation, it suffers from the increase of living costs to a high level. In addition to the high taxes which are imposed by the occupation. Therefore, the poverty rate increases in the east of Al-Quds to 80% while it reaches 85% among the children.

Al-Aqsa Mosque Programs

The Mosque faces an advanced level of judaization whether by raids and division projects or by excavations which try to change the identity of the Mosque to a Jewish one. Some of the most important projects are renovation projects, study circles and fast-breaking meals.

Social Sector Programs

The society of Al-Quds – as the other societies- has been affected by the modern western civilization. Also, it has been affected by the western tourists who come to visit Al-Quds and by the political disorders and the violent clashes with Zionists. All these factors,in addition to the psychological war which the society faces, lead to destabilization of the society of Al-Quds. The families in the west of Al-Quds, after 1948, start to disperse because they lack the home which gather them. On the other hand, the east of Al-Quds suffers from overpopulation as a result of moving to it.

Health Sector Programs

Since 1996, People of Al-Quds are forced to register in “Israeli National Insurance” and Israeli insurance funds. Therefore, they have to pay expensive monthly installments; also the private hospitals in the city suffer from major financial crises.

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