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What is Waqf Al-Ummah?

A1: Waqf Al-Ummah is an independent development institution registered in Turkey/ Istanbul. Its license was issued by the respective official authoritieson 21/11/2013 AD to serve Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque projects.The Waqf seeks to intensify efforts and increase resources by launching different investmentsto achieve the sustainability in supporting the Waqf expenses which are conducted in Jerusalem.

What are the projects of Waqf Al-Ummah in Al-Quds?

Waqf Al-Ummah works on serving Al-Quds and Aqsa Mosque through many programs and projects which contribute in preserving the holiness of Aqsa Mosque and strengthening Jerusalemites according to a developmental plan

How can I donate to Waqf Al-Ummah?

You can donate either through the electronic donation link or through our accounts

How can I get the certificate of the Waqf stock?

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If you have an inquiry or needed help with the donation process, please contact us through the follo

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